More warmth on the way

25 June 2009

Fair weather cloudsRecent warm weather across many parts of the UK is expected to continue through the weekend and into next week. Temperatures have climbed well above average across the country this week, with Kinlochewe (Highland) recording 27 °C on Wednesday.

Over the coming few days there is a 70% chance of staying dry, with a low risk of catching a heavy shower. Thunderstorms could affect one of the biggest outdoor events of the summer as Glastonbury gets under way, but there will also be plenty of dry, bright and warm weather to enjoy at the festival.

Chief Forecaster at the Met Office, Chris Tubbs, said: "Expect the very warm conditions to continue into next week, with perhaps the hottest days of the summer so far and a 20% chance of reaching 30 °C".

Although the weather will remain warm, the chance of thunderstorms in a few places could lead to high rainfall totals and also brings the risk of asthma symptoms to some hay fever sufferers.

Humid winds around a thunderstorm can drag in pollution from surrounding areas. This increase of particles in the air may lead to a worsening of asthma symptoms.

Thunderstorms and asthma More information about thunderstorms and asthma (PDF, 74 kB)

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