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1 September 2009

Severn BridgeDesigned specially for operators that manage road maintenance in the UK, the Met Office has launched a fresh series of training courses.

Drawing on the experience of working closely with customers, the re-designed courses offer participants a practical approach of applying meteorological theory to 'real' road situations.

All courses are accredited by the Institute of Highways Transportation, providing participants with the opportunity to gain valuable 'continuing professional development' (CDP) hours to aid career development.

Three new courses: Weather Essentials, Weather in Practice and Weather Pro are tailored for all, depending on level of experience or background. Incorporating a variety of interactive and practical learning techniques, the courses will help explain how the wide range of UK weather situations can have an impact on our roads. This understanding will help decision making in the future.

Former BBC weather presenter and manager of the Met Office College, Penny Tranter, added: "The courses are taught by our former road weather forecasters, so we are using our expert 'hands on' knowledge to help enhance the learning of participants."

The learning process is helped by using a practical approach, and you will help learn how to confidently interpret weather forecasts information, prepare questions for road forecasters, and fully assess the risks to your road network in any weather situation.

After completing the course, you will be armed with the knowledge you need to make better-informed and timely decisions, help with resource planning and reduce the stress of marginal nights.

Our courses can be hosted either at the Met Office College in Exeter, or at your own location. The next scheduled course dates are:

  • Tuesday 22 September - Exeter
  • Thursday 24 September - Manchester

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