Met Office launches online advertising

24 September 2009

Online advertising

We are now offering companies the unique opportunity to advertise on our public sector website - making us the only large government website to do so.

Advertising on the Met Office website will give select brands the potential to reach one of the largest audiences of a government website within the UK.

The Met Office is the UK's national weather service and is the source of forecast information to the largest broadcasters in the country. Our website regularly receives two million page views per day, and during severe weather has received more than 19 million visits in one day.

Charles Ewen, Head of Web Business at the Met Office, said: "This initiative gives companies the chance to place their brand alongside that of the Met Office. By opening up this new revenue stream, we will be able to invest more in the Public Weather Service on our website."

With distinct website segmentation, for example, road and rail sectors, companies will be able to focus advertising expenditure by clearly targeting their adverts to specific areas of the website. We plan to further develop our leading proposition to weather-impacted groups, developing our segmentation and services to them.

Mr Ewen continued: "Our marine and aviation services, along with many other areas of our website, are used by many professionals and amateurs alike. By targeting advertising to individual areas of the website, we can help maximise the return on the cost of advertising by reaching your target audience directly."

If you wish to advertise, please email

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