BAA opts for Met Office and OpenRunway

27 October 2009

Aircraft landing BAA, the UK's biggest airport operator, is using the Met Office's OpenRunway service, which covers all airports in the BAA group, including Heathrow.

OpenRunway provides year-round weather information in a fast and easy-to-use web-based format. The service helps airport staff make the right decisions, quickly, to keep ground-based operations running smoothly. This is particularly important during winter months when a decision to de-ice a runway is critical in terms of managing safety and minimising environmental impact.

OpenRunway provides the decision-maker with all the weather information to make the best decision. The service also offers a 24-hour forecaster consultancy for those occasions when the weather conditions are marginal.

Tim Hardy, Airside Director at BAA, said: "Operating the country's major airports is a huge responsibility, which is why we've chosen the Met Office's OpenRunway service to be an integral part of our operations. We believe it will help us maintain superior safety levels, help keep our airports operational and minimise disruption to our customers."


Last updated: 13 April 2016

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