Safesee™ gets a facelift

10 August 2009

Supply boat by an oil rigWe have launched a new version of Safesee™, our online marine weather forecast service.

The upgrade sees the introduction of a global map viewer which allows decision-makers in marine and offshore industries to visualise weather elements over their operating sites, enabling them to make the most of weather windows.

The new map viewer helps bring the weather to life over a selected area, with weather elements animating through time. Sites can now be viewed as locations on the map and a 'hover-over' summary shows the forecast conditions against operating thresholds. This helps the operator to make decisions that minimise downtime due to bad weather and improve safety.

Met Office Marine Business Manager, Iain Ralston said: "We are continually working with our customers to understand how we can improve our services to make their operations safe and cost-effective. Safesee™ pulls a lot of specialist weather information into one site, in an easy-to-understand, visual way - enabling customers to make informed decisions when it really matters."

The upgrade further enhances the one-stop-shop ethos of the system, which brings together all weather aspects relating to offshore operations - whatever the sector.

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Last updated: 13 April 2016

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