Snow and ice cause disruption

3 February 2009

Widespread snowfall

The last time such widespread snowfall affected Britain was February 1991.

Snow fell extensively and often heavily between the 7th and 9th, leaving a covering of more than 10 cm over large areas of England, Wales and eastern and southern Scotland.

Bingley in Yorkshire was reported to have 51 cm of snow on the morning of 9 February, while in central London, some places had close to 15 cm of snow.

Further snowfall pushed north across many parts of eastern England and Scotland last night with higher parts of the Pennines and the Borders having seen extensive falls overnight.

Falls up to 20 cm of snow have been reported in the Pennines and the Cheviot Hills. However, places at lower levels and near the coasts missed the worst of the snow as it fell as a mix or rain and sleet. Further snowfall also affected parts of Wales and south-west England.

Conditions in areas hit by yesterday's snow - the UK's most widespread snow for 18 years - are likely to remain dangerous after the snow turned to ice as temperatures dropped as low as -10 °C in parts of southern England overnight.

The Met Office is now predicting that the greatest risk of further snow will be across northern Scotland, Wales and south-western parts of England and the south coast though today, causing hazardous conditions.

A snowy street

Helen Chivers, forecaster for the Met Office, said: "Although many parts of Britain will have a brighter day today and tomorrow, further showers can be expected, especially in more western areas, with a wintry mix of rain, sleet or snow.

"It is forecast to remain cold across Britain with the risk of further heavy snowfall for central parts of England and Wales later in the week."

Minimum temperatures overnight 2-3 February
LocationTemperature (°C)
Odiham, Hampshire-9.6
Middle Wallop, Hampshire-8.7
Yeovilton, Somerset-8.3
Farnborough, Hampshire-8.1
Boscombe Down, Wiltshire-7.9
Snow depths on 3 February 2009
LocationDepth (cm)Depth (inches)
Epsom, Surrey3112
Cheviot Hills, Borders208
Sennybridge, Powys145
Eskdalemuir, Dumfries and Galloway114
Harrogate, N Yorkshire104

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