Wintry start to February

30 January 2009

Widespread snowfall

The last time such widespread snowfall affected Britain was February 1991.

Snow fell extensively and often heavily between the 7th and 9th, leaving a covering of more than 10 cm over large areas of England, Wales and eastern and southern Scotland.

Bingley in Yorkshire was reported to have 51 cm of snow on the morning of 9 February, while in central London, some places had close to 15 cm of snow.

This coming weekend will see the return of colder weather across the UK with the increasing chance of snow in some areas.

At this stage, eastern parts of the country are expected to see the heaviest of any snow with some disruption possible.

Although temperatures will be just above freezing, it will feel colder in the brisk easterly wind.

So far, the UK winter has been the coldest for over a decade. The last time winter temperatures were lower was in 1996/97.

Met Office forecasters expect the cold theme to the weather to continue well into next week with the chance of further snow.

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