Another tropical storm forms

2 September 2010

Hurricane Earl off the east coast of America, © Met Office/EUMETSATA new tropical storm — Gaston — has formed, in what is turning into a very active storm season in the Atlantic.

Gaston follows hard on the heels of category four hurricanes Danielle and Earl and Tropical Storm Fiona.

Earl has produced gusts in excess of 140 mph and was reclassified as a category four hurricane overnight.

Earl is likely to track close to the US and Canadian coast during the rest of the week and bring heavy rain, high winds and rough seas from North Carolina to Nova Scotia.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storms Fiona and Gaston are following behind, with the prospects of further developments over the tropical Atlantic.

September is often the busiest month of the year for Atlantic Hurricanes. Earlier this year the Met Office predicted that this season would be one of the most active tropical storm seasons on record, with 20 named tropical storms most likely.

Met Office forecasters will continue to work with the National Hurricane Center in the USA and provide predictions of the storms to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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