Helping shape climate change strategies

16 September 2010

Climate science can help plannersThe people of the UK need stronger guidance to help tackle the impacts of climate change, a report, states this week.

'How well prepared is the UK for climate change?' was undertaken by the Committee for Climate Change — the independent body that advises government on its climate targets — to assess country's readiness for the impacts of climate change.

How well prepared is the UK for climate change? (PDF, 3 MB)

In a first assessment of this kind, the body's adaptation sub-committee concluded the UK was very poorly prepared for the changes.

As one of the world's leading centres for climate science, the Met Office works extensively with government and industry to provide the best possible underpinning science to inform key strategies for tackling climate change.

Now Dr Vicky Pope, the Met Office's head of climate science advice, discusses how we can use the complex results from climate science research to prepare for the changes ahead.

She also highlights projects which we are already undertaking which support UK businesses and explains how the communication of climate science can be adapted for various audiences.

Climate change strategies

The  External link icon UK Climate Projections (UKCP09) published in 2009 gives comprehensive information on how the country's climate might look like in years to come so that sensible adaptation decisions can be made.

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