Corporate Responsibility report

11 August 2010

Corporate Responsibility report coverOur Corporate Responsibility report is now available online. It is the first time we have published a Corporate Responsibility Report and it looks at the way we engage in four key areas: the environment, the workplace, the marketplace and the community. These are the areas measured by Business in the Community's Corporate Responsibility Index and earlier this year we achieved a silver award in that Index.

As well as looking back over the last year, the report also takes a look at some ongoing initiatives and our plans for the future.

Speaking on the day the report is published, our Operations and Services Director and Corporate Responsibility Committee chairman, Rob Varley, said: "The rewards of Corporate Responsibility do not have to come at a huge extra cost. It's a mindset that has a positive effect on all of us which, in turn, benefits recruitment and retention, job satisfaction and the general mood of our organisation. It's about doing the right thing for the environment, in the marketplace and workplace, and across the communities in which we work. Responsible behaviour can also help to save money: For example, cutting energy use lowers overheads and recycling reduces waste disposal costs."

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