Dry UK but wet for parts of Europe

15 June 2010

Water levels are low due to dry conditionsFigures from the Met Office have shown how rainfall totals across the UK have been the lowest for over 40 years for the first five months of 2010.

Between January and May, average UK rainfall amounts were 318.9 mm, which makes it the driest start to the year since 1964, when 307.9 mm of rain was recorded.

Although February and March saw wet weather, the winter and spring were both dry overall with June on course to be another dry month.

In contrast to the UK, areas of Europe have already seen torrential rain and flooding this month. Some parts of France and Italy are expected to see further exceptional rainfall totals during today and tomorrow. Up to 300 mm of rain could fall, with higher amounts in some mountainous locations.

The Met Office is liaising with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office regarding the likelihood of torrential rain and flash flooding that could occur, especially in Alpine regions. The Met Office is working closely with  Météo-France and  Servizio Meteorologico in Italy and providing them with additional forecast information.

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