easyJet set for ClearFlight

1 February 2010

We provide a number of services for airlineseasyJet, Europe's leading low-fares airline, has signed a multi-year contract with the Met Office to use our ClearFlight service.

ClearFlight is a new online, global briefing service designed to make weather information easier to access and interpret. It will help the easyJet Operation Control staff anticipate weather-related delays at departure and destination airports around Europe — optimising schedules and reducing costs.

The service has been developed with industry experts, including easyJet, and can be adapted and modified to their own specific needs. The 'at-a-glance' overview of changing current and forecast weather conditions instantly highlights any potential problems and allows airline operations control staff to plan their operations and resource accordingly.

Will Facey, Head of Operations Control at easyJet, said: "ClearFlight is a cutting-edge service that will allow our Operations Control team to proactively monitor weather around the easyJet network. This service will allow our team to make timely and informed decisions with our passengers in mind."

Met Office ClearFlight

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