Hot weather triggers Heat-Health alert

Sunny weather

8 July 2010

The forecast of higher temperatures across some parts of the country has prompted the first Heat-Health alert of the summer.

Temperatures will peak across East Anglia and south east England during Friday and Saturday, where highs of 31 °C are possible.

Head of Health Forecasting at the Met Office, Wayne Elliott, said: "While there is the possibility of daytime temperatures reaching trigger thresholds, it is the night time values which are of real concern. High humidity and the lack of any breeze could make matters worse for people with underlying health problems."

The next few days will see varied weather across the UK, with some places having unsettled conditions and temperatures only reaching the low 20s.

Chief Forecaster at the Met Office, Frank Saunders, added: "There is a 60% chance of some places in East Anglia and south east England reaching 32 °C but it is important to note that it won't be hot everywhere. Cloud and some rain are expected for a time over northern regions of the UK."

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Last updated: 31 March 2016

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