Met Office supports airlines to meet new rules

18 May 2010

Following the  CAA announcement to introduce new measures to reduce airspace closures caused by volcanic ash, the Met Office will be supporting airlines by providing guidance to meet the new rules.

Flybe, the first airline in the UK to take advantage of these new rules, has worked closely with the Met Office, Bombardier and Pratt & Whitney to enable them to keep flying safely.

Jim French, CEO of Flybe, said: "We thank the CAA and Met Office for their support in this work and look forward to working with them further to keep the UK safely on the move."

Latest information received from the Icelandic Meteorological Office indicates that the volcano is continuing to erupt, with the ash plume reaching heights of up to around 25,000 ft. However, the ash cloud is not expected to affect UK airspace as south-westerly winds persist through much of this week.

While the volcanic activity continues, the Met Office will provide frequently updated information to CAA about the dispersion of the volcanic ash.

The Met Office provides forecasts to the industry to any tolerance of ash that is deemed safe by the aviation regulatory authorities. This advice is based on a combination of observations from satellite, research aircraft and ground based observations along with model simulations and scientific expertise.

Last updated: 4 March 2016

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