Met Office supports ShelterBox with forecasts for Haiti

21 January 2010

Shelterbox provide disaster relief across the globeDisaster relief charity ShelterBox is the Met Office's corporate charity and we are supporting it by using our global forecasting capability to provide daily weather forecasts for Haiti to help with its relief operations.

ShelterBox already has response teams on the ground in Haiti following the devastating earthquake, and the first green boxes have arrived on the ground.

At the charity's headquarters volunteers are busy packing more boxes which contain all the basic needs for living for 10 people, including a tent, cooking equipment, tools and water purification tablets. Some of the first tents to arrive in Haiti are being used in field hospitals, and as more boxes arrive the response teams will be helping thousands of people who have lost everything, including their dignity.

Met Office Operations Centre manager, Nick Grahame, said: "There will be some showers in Haiti but, fortunately, over the next two weeks no severe weather is predicted to hamper work on the island."

Head of Operations at ShelterBox, John Leach, said: "We are sending the forecasts on to the team in Haiti. The showers can be an issue as it increases the risks of infection for amputees, so our initial focus at the moment is providing emergency shelter to field hospitals for surgery and recovery."

As well as the forecast, in just 24 hours, Met Office staff have donated more than £1,000, enough for at least two boxes.

If you would like to send a donation to help send a ShelterBox to Haiti, you can visit the  External link icon Met Office's JustGiving page or the External link icon ShelterBox website.

Last updated: 29 February 2016

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