More stormy weather set for the UK

People watching a large wave hit a harbour

10 November 2010

After a brief respite in wet and windy weather today, more stormy weather is forecast with severe gales likely in places with the potential for some disruption.

Heavy rain, accompanied by strong and gusty winds will spread across the UK during the night tonight before clearing away tomorrow afternoon to leave blustery showers across much of the country. Winds of 40 to 50 mph are likely through tomorrow quite widely, but gusts up to 80 mph are possible across northwest England and north Wales on Thursday evening.

Eddy Carroll, Chief Forecaster at the Met Office said: "It will be very stormy across the UK as we head through tonight and tomorrow, with gales or severe gales, especially on Thursday evening. With winds from the southwest the major routes that run north–south through northern England are most at risk of seeing potentially disruptive cross-winds."

The unsettled and often windy theme to the weather is forecast to continue through the rest of the week and into the weekend.

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