Early taste of winter for the UK

22 November 2010

Frosted trees along a foggy roadColder weather will take hold across the UK as we head through this week with snow showers becoming increasingly likely across eastern Scotland and north-east England through the second half of the week.

Met Office forecasters have issued an Advisory of heavy snow for parts of the north and east from Thursday onward, with the potential for localised accumulations of 2-5 cm of snow inland with 10 cm on high ground.

The change will also see the return of overnight frosts as temperatures fall well below freezing in the north by night and struggle to reach much above 3 or 4 °C by day.

Met Office Chief Forecaster, Steve Willington said: "The cold weather is clearly on its way this week, but it will take much of this week to reach all of the UK. Snow will be confined to the north and east during the working week, before other parts of England and Wales see snow as we head through the weekend."

Throughout the winter months, Met Office Forecasters will be based at the Highways Agency's National Traffic Control Centre, providing information on weather conditions across the motorway and trunk road network.

Drivers are reminded that they should carry out simple vehicle checks before they set out; carry a severe weather emergency kit in their vehicles; monitor the traffic and weather conditions and plan their journeys.

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