UK has a warm autumn

Storm clouds gathering on an autumn evening

2 December 2011 - This November and the autumn have been the second warmest on record in the UK, provisional Met Office figures show.

Statistics for November show that parts of the country have seen monthly temperatures of up to 3.0 °C above the long-term average.

Records that go back to 1910 show this November is ranked second warmest for the UK with an average temperature of 8.7 °C, just 0.1 °C off the record set in 1994.

The mild temperatures this November follow a relatively mild September and October, which were the 6th and 8th warmest on record respectively.

This has added up to a warm autumn, with provisional figures showing the UK average temperature was 11.2 °C - making it the second warmest on record, behind 2006 when the mean temperature was 11.4 °C.

LocationAverage temperature for autumn

Sunshine for autumn

Average rainfall for autumn
Actual   (°C)Difference from 1971 to 2000 average (°C) Actual (hours)Percentage of 1971 to 2000 averageActual (mm)Percentage of 1971 to 2000 average
UK11.2 °C2.1 °C281.6 hrs103%326.7 mm97%
England12.2 °C2.2 °C331.1 hrs110%166.0 mm69%
Northern Ireland10.8 °C1.6 °C219.5 hrs86%446.7 mm140%
Scotland9.7 °C2.0 °C212.5 hrs93%569.1 mm121%
Wales11.5 °C2.0 °C274.1 hrs99%338.2 mm78%

It was also the 2nd warmest autumn in the series for England and Scotland, again behind 2006 when the mean temperature was 12.4°C and 9.7°C respectively.

For Wales and Northern Ireland it was the equal warmest autumn in the series, shared with 2006.

Once again there has been a marked contrast in rainfall across the UK this autumn.

It has been the second wettest autumn for Northern Ireland, only 2000 was wetter with 464.3mm. In contrast, in East Anglia just 81.3mm of rain has fallen, making it the fourth driest autumn in the records.

Last updated: 11 February 2016

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