Helping local authorities prepare for winter

Our accurate forecasts help local authorities keep their road networks safe in winter.

20 September 2011 - As the spotlight continues to shine on winter resilience planning, the Met Office will demonstrate how its route based forecast will help local authorities optimise their winter maintenance planning activities at Cold Comfort 2011, a conference for the road industry.

Route based forecasts from the Met Office demonstrate considerable operational benefits to winter maintenance operatives. Forming part of the OpenRoad online forecast package, the service will be made operational in October helping local authorities keep their road networks safe this winter.

John Harrison, Road and Rail Business Manager for the Met Office, said, "In any winter, we can expect hazards such as snow and ice to occur. It is vital that service providers have plans in place to react to our 1-5 day forecasts and warnings of such hazards and apply precautionary treatment to limit the impact on the travelling public. The Met Office delivers a range of weather services for the road industry. These provide good advice, and are a vital component of winter maintenance planning and operations."

Developed with customers, route based forecasts present accurate and reliable weather information from the Met Office. Superior visualisation with clear and concise forecast information enables safe and efficient decision making. This combined with tailored consultancy also provides increased confidence for decision makers.

This gives winter maintenance operatives the ability to:

  • selectively treat routes or segments of routes;
  • manage salt more effectively;
  • operate more efficiently and reduce costs.

Last updated: 11 February 2016

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