Mild but windy New Year

How will you be celebrating the New Year and welcoming in 2013?

28 December 2011 - Met Office forecasts indicate that New Year's Eve celebrations will be rather windy with a mix of cloudy skies and some outbreaks of rain in the north and west.

However, if you are heading out to see in the New Year it will be quite mild for the time of year with overnight temperatures ranging from around 5 deg C in Edinburgh to 10 deg C in London, although the strong to gales force westerly winds will make it feel colder.

New Year's Day will again be cloudy with outbreaks of showery rain for many. Although the day will start rather mild it will feel colder in the strong wind.

Anthony Astbury, Met Office Chief Forecaster said: "For those out celebrating the New Year the most notable feature will be the windy conditions with the risk of gales in the north. The wind will certainly take the edge of the otherwise rather mild conditions we are likely to see ushering in 2012."

As we head into next week and as many return to work the weather is set to become more unsettled, with windy conditions expected. Met Office forecasters will be keeping a close eye on developments and the public are advised to keep up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings on our website to stay up-to-date with the situation.

Last updated: 5 April 2012

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