Saving airport costs with OpenRunway

OpenRunway can help airports save money and keep operations moving

24 August 2011 - One of the country's leading regional airports has already made big financial savings by using aviation services from the Met Office.

In any winter, we can expect severe weather with the risk of heavy snow and widespread ice, so it makes sense to prepare for wintry conditions.

OpenRunway and the ability to talk to a forecaster are vital sources of information for airports given the effects that the weather can have on the aviation industry.

Richard Thomasson, Airport Operations Manager at Newquay Cornwall Airport said: "Being able to plan staff accordingly, really has enhanced the snow plan, so much so that 50% less runway de-icing fluid was used compared to last year, so financially there are big cost benefits."

"In terms of winter operations we need an effective snow plan to give our passengers and our airlines confidence that we can operate all year round."

Saving airport costs with OpenRunway
Richard Thomasson of Newquay Cornwall Airport talks about how the Met Office is saving airport costs with OpenRunway

Newquay video Newquay video (PDF, 93 kB)

Newquay Cornwall Airport chose the Met Office because it was important to use a brand that was recognised and trusted within the industry and by the regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority.

The UK benefits from the best possible advice provided by a National Met Service recognised as in the top two in world. Further improvements to our advice can be expected as we continue to invest in understanding and modelling the systems that drive and affect our weather.

Last updated: 11 February 2016

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