Making the weather work for offshore operations

World record lift of the living quarters in the Valhall PH Topside Project (Barry Sweeting)

5 September 2011 - Met Office experts will be demonstrating the new Safesee™ at Europe's major offshore conference and exhibition, Offshore Europe this week.

Working with the industry the Met Office has developed Safesee™ as the one-stop weather information website for the marine market, particularly offshore oil and gas and renewables companies. This collaboration with customers has helped upgrade the website to target the areas that are most important to them.

It uses the power of Met Office science combined with knowledge of the needs of industry to ensure the weather, wind and wave information that operators need is available at their fingertips around the clock.

John Mitchell, Met Office Offshore Metocean advisor, said: "By working with our customers we have been able to better target their needs and improve our services to make their operations safe and cost-effective. Safesee™ pulls a lot of specialist weather information into one site, in an easy-to-understand, visual way - enabling customers to make informed decisions when it really matters."

A global map viewer allows decision-makers to visualise weather elements over their operating sites anywhere in the world, enabling them to make the most of weather windows. It has proven to be particularly useful at times when the weather is on the cusp of operating thresholds.

The new Safesee™ helps to bring the weather to life over a selected area; with the elements of wind, rain, wave and current animating through time. All of this helps them to make decisions that minimise downtime due to bad weather and improve safety.

Through developments like the new Safesee™ the Met Office is helping the offshore industry benefit from the best possible advice provided by a national met service recognised as being one of the top two in the world.

Met Office forecasts helped to ensure the success of the world's heaviest lift - 11659 metric tonnes - when the Valhall PH Topside Project was completed in the North Sea in July 2010. This weather critical project was the culmination of three years of work between BP Norge, Saipem Ltd. and the Met Office. The BP Norge representative and project manager, Paul Keeler, described the forecasts as "faultless".

Highly detailed Met Office wave energy forecasts are the foundation of Saipem's award winning Motion Forecasting and Monitoring System. These wave energy forecasts are combined with the motion characteristics of the Saipem S700 semi-submersible crane vessel to give predictions of how it will react to the sea conditions and enhance the safety of its weather-sensitive operations around the globe.

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Last updated: 11 February 2016

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