Stormy weather across the UK

Gale force winds bring stormy seas

12 September 2011 - As forecast, a deep area of low pressure which contains post-tropical storm Katia is bringing gales and heavy rain to parts of the UK.

All parts of the UK will see gusty conditions through the start of the week, with the highest wind speeds of 75 to 80 miles per hour expected over northern and western regions of the country.

Chief Forecaster at the Met Office, Bob Wilderspin said: "The strongest winds will affect parts of Northern Ireland, the Central Lowlands and Southern Scotland and parts of Northern England.

"Whilst the winds will be at their strongest through Monday afternoon and evening, gusty conditions will continue in these areas on Tuesday - so we advise everyone to stay up to date with the very latest forecast and warnings."

The high winds in western coastal areas will bring large waves and spray overtopping sea defences.

Heavy rain may also bring localised flooding to parts of western Scotland.

The winds are expected to ease during the middle of the week with mostly fine and much calmer weather returning for a short time.

Forecast for storm affecting the UK from 9th to 12th September
As forecast, post Tropical Storm Katia is bringing gales and heavy rain to parts of the UK. Chief Forecaster, Bob Wilderspin, explains how the weather will develop over the next few hours and over the next few days.

Latest forecast for storm affecting the UK Met Office Chief Forecaster Bob Wilderspin explains the latest forecast for the storm affecting the UK. (PDF, 79 kB)

Last updated: 11 February 2016

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