Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

A Christmas tree lit for the festive season

20 December 2011 - Those dreaming of a white Christmas this year look set to be disappointed, as there is little chance of snow for most parts of the country on Christmas Day.

Met Office forecasts indicate that this Christmas will in fact be a rather mild one with a fair amount of cloud for many and a stiff breeze in some parts of the north.

The run up to Christmas will also be rather mild for the time of year, although with a brief chillier spell on Friday with the chance of a few wintry showers in north west Scotland.

Martin Young, Met Office Chief Forecaster said: "In stark contrast to last year the chance of any of us actually seeing a white Christmas this year is almost negligible. In fact it is more likely to be a Christmas of rather grey skies and green grass."

Temperatures on Christmas day are likely to range between 8 to 12 °C, 2 or 3 °C above what you could normally expect at this time of year.

Met Office weather forecast for Christmas

  Transcript for Met Office weather forecast for Christmas Transcript for Met Office weather forecast for Christmas (PDF, 76 kB)

Despite the mild conditions, this Christmas is likely to be far from memorable in the record books. The mildest ever Christmas Day was 15.6 °C at Killerton, Devon in 1920 and Leith, Edinburgh in 1896. The chilliest Christmas was last year when temperatures didn't rise above -7.8 °C at Llysdinam, Powys.

Christmas Day forecasts for almost 5000 different locations across the UK will be available on our beta website from Wednesday or you can visit our special Christmas Day event forecast.

Last updated: 21 August 2015

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