Wind Production Forecast improving power predictions

Optimise your wind farm production

11 October 2011 - The Met Office launches the Wind Production Forecast. A new site specific forecasting service for wind farms and wind energy production, developed based on feedback from the industry.

Providing clear and detailed information, the Wind Production Forecast gives flexible and reliable site specific forecasts to help generators make accurate short-term assessments of power production, based on world leading weather forecasting research and development from the Met Office.

The Wind Production Forecast uses the Met Office's Unified model, combined with surface data and unique high resolution site-specific modelling to produce half-hourly predictions out to six days ahead.

The effect of the surrounding terrain on wind farms has a major effect on power production. The Wind Production Forecast models this using high resolution topography data to provide an accurate forecast that is tailored to any site.

Professor Brian Golding, Deputy Director of Weather Science at the Met Office, said: "There is nothing more central than the wind to meteorological science. It is tremendously exciting to see our knowledge and skills in understanding and forecasting the wind being turned into a service that contributes to the goal of powering the world from this key renewable resource."

Tom McIlwaine, Senior Renewables Consultant at the Met Office, said: "Using the Wind Production Forecast gives operators the knowledge they need to make informed decisions to maximise output whilst minimising the risk of having to generate or buy energy from elsewhere, or face penalty charges as a result of incorrect estimations of energy production."

The Wind Production Forecast is designed to complement to our existing suite of products for the wind energy industry; Virtual Met Mast and VisualEyes. Together they provide the complete package of weather information to help the industry from site search and selection, development and through to operations.

Last updated: 11 February 2016

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