Professor Brian Golding awarded OBE

Brian Golding

31 December 2012 - A meteorological expert who has played a key role in pioneering innovations in Met Office weather science has been recognised in the New Year's Honours 2013.

Professor Brian Golding, who has recently retired from his role as Deputy Director of Weather Science at the Met Office but continues to carry out research for the organisation, has been awarded an OBE.

The honour follows four decades of working in meteorology, during which time he has become a world-recognised expert in hydro-meteorology and numerical weather prediction.

For the last decade he has led the research and development of the Met Office's operational forecasting capabilities, directing a period of significant scientific and technological progress.

This had led to improvements in the field of weather and natural hazard forecasting, improving advice and services for the public, government and commercial customers.

One such improvement is the development of the UKV - a weather forecast model which covers the UK at a very high resolution, just 1.5km. This means it can predict small-scale weather such as thunderstorms, heavy rain and snow, in much greater detail - allowing the Met Office to give improved guidance for many types of hazardous weather.

Another key development is Professor Golding's work overseeing the development of the Met Office's Atmospheric Dispersion Model. This has been successfully applied during a range of incidents, from the fire at the Buncefield oil depot in 2005, to livestock virus outbreaks such as Foot and Mouth, Bluetongue and Schmallenberg, and the Icelandic volcano eruptions in 2010 and 2011.

Professor Brian Golding said: "I think this honour recognises the work that has been done in the field of numerical weather prediction over the last few decades, which has been one of the great success stories in science. Improved forecasting accuracy has made a huge difference to lives around the world, helping to safeguard life and property, as well as make infrastructure more resilient to the weather. I'm proud to have played a small part in that."

Professor Golding joins Met Office colleagues Professor Julia Slingo OBE, Professor John Mitchell OBE, and Dr Richard Graham OBE among those who have received honours.

Last updated: 12 February 2016

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