Global Framework for Climate Services

A warming global climate

2 November 2012 - Efforts to make better use of climate information in decision-making across the globe have taken a key step forward after a plan was agreed to implement a Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS).

On Wednesday 31 October international delegates representing 129 countries at the World Meteorological Congress (WMO) voted for a plan which aims to enable more effective use of climate information to make strategic decisions on issues such as water, agriculture and food security, health and disaster risk management.

By working with key sectors and ensuring information meets the needs of decision-makers, the framework aims to maximise the potential of world-class climate science, data and products, and to improve this science and data and products to better meet the decision-makers needs.

This will enable informed decisions to plan, mitigate and respond to the impact of climate variability, climate change, extreme weather and natural hazards.

Chris Hewitt, Head of the Met Office's Climate Service, said: "We can no longer assume that past climatic and socio-economic conditions are a guide to the future, and the combined effects of climate change and increasing vulnerability and exposure to hazardous conditions present challenges to society.

"Ultimately the Global Framework for Climate Services is about effective use of information all over the world to tackle these challenges to save lives and improve livelihoods."

The UK, already recognised as a world leader in providing climate advice, will play a central role in the framework going forward.

You can read more about the Global Framework for Climate Services in a recent article in Nature Climate Change.

Last updated: 12 February 2016

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