Set for Paralympics after Olympic success

Paralympic Games

13 August 2012 - The hugely successful London 2012 Olympics have come to an end but the Met Office is already looking ahead to the Paralympics to once again provide world class forecasts to help everyone make the most of the games.

Throughout the Olympics the Met Office has kept organisers, coaches, athletes and the public up-to-date with the very latest weather forecasts and information to help minimise the impact of the weather.

We'll be using the same leading expertise alongside cutting edge technology during the Paralympics - which run from 29 August to 9 September.

Dedicated on-site forecasters will be based in London, Weymouth and Eton Dorney, staying in close contact with organisers at each venue.

This service proved invaluable during the Olympics. For example, Andy Murray's gold medal win against Roger Federer went ahead on Wimbledon's Centre Court with the roof off after Met Office forecasters predicted a dry spell following on from a morning of rain showers.

Cora Zillich, LOCOG spokeswoman based at the Eton Dorney rowing venue, said: "Here at Eton Dorney we have worked very closely with colleagues at the Met Office to support the race scheduling. The advice we received on Saturday (5 August) was absolutely spot on, to allow us to complete a successful day's racing on schedule."

Weather statistics for the Olympics show the main venues enjoyed typically British weather, with a mixture of sunshine, occasional showers and pleasant temperatures. In fact, it rained only about 5% of the time at our weather station in St James's Park during the games.

Met Office statistics for the period from 28 July to 12 August, together with comparisons to the long-term average, show:

  • The temperature in central London reached at least 20 °C during each day of the period of the Olympics, with an average daily maximum temperature of 23 °C - very close to the expected average of 22.8 °C.
  • The highest temperature recorded was 27.8 °C recorded at St James's Park on Thursday 9 August. The final day, which included the men's marathon, saw 27 °C.
  • London missed out on the heaviest of the showers that affected the UK in the last fortnight. St James's Park recorded 19 mm of rain during the 16 days of sport for the games, just below the expected average for that time period of around 25 mm.
  • We have recorded 105.1 hours of sunshine at Heathrow in the period 28 July to 12 August. This brings the total of the 16 day period to spot-on the expected average of 105 hours.

Throughout the Paralympics you can see forecasts for individual events on our events pages, read about what we're doing to keep everyone up-to-date on the weather on our Paralympics pages, and check our latest forecasts across the UK on our website, on our iPhone and Android apps, and through our broadcast partners on the BBC and ITV.

Last updated: 12 February 2016

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