A week of Great British summer weather

The sailing events will take place at Weymouth and Portland

29 July 2012 - Olympic competitors and spectators will experience the full range of Great British summer weather this week. The changeable weather is set to continue and The Met Office team providing weather forecasts for the Olympics are advising everyone to check its forecasts frequently.

The team expect a mainly dry, bright and cool start to the week on Monday. Cloud and rain are likely by Tuesday, mainly in the south. By midweek the south-east may see higher temperatures as the sun comes out again while the north and west stays cloudier and windier with some rain. The week is expected to end with a breezy mix of sunshine and showers.

Overall more rain is likely in the north and west than the south-east, so sailing spectators and football fans away from Wembley are likely to need their coats more often than the spectators in and around London. However, the breezy weather should also provide some exciting sailing in Weymouth.

Wednesday is expected to be a windy day with the south to southwesterly winds potentially gusting to around 40 mph along English Channel coasts. Our team of Met Office forecasters working onsite at Weymouth, Eton Dorney and London are providing the organisers with the most up to date information so they can plan for the expected weather.

Sailing and the weather

More information about Met Office forecasts during the Olympics, along with features about sport, weather and the science of forecasting can be found on our dedicated Olympic web pages at Weather and London 2012.

Last updated: 12 February 2016

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