Dr Richard Graham awarded OBE

CSRP is working to improve understanding and prediction of African climate, and bring forecasts into use

1 January 2012 - Dr Richard Graham, Climate Applications Development Manager at the Met Office Hadley Centre has been awarded an OBE in the New Year's Honours 2012.

Richard Graham has been awarded an OBE for his outstanding contribution to long-range weather forecasting in the developing world. In particular Dr Graham focuses on Africa, where he works tirelessly with communities to promote the use of long-range forecasts for poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

Prof. Julia Slingo, Met Office Chief Scientist said: "We are delighted that Richard's work on long-range forecasting in Africa has been recognised. His great strength lies in his understanding of the communities he works with and his dedication to capacity building within Africa.

"Combined with his ability to provide complex information in practical, user-friendly tools that can be readily used he really makes a difference to the lives of communities across east Africa."

Dr Graham is one of the world's leading experts in long-range weather forecasting and is central to international collaborative efforts to advance the science and its application. His focus is in regions that are highly vulnerable to hazardous weather and the natural vagaries of the climate, where weather has considerable impacts on food security, water availability, human health and social and economic infrastructures.

Dr Graham also

  • regularly participates in the Regional Climate Outlook Forums of Africa, contributing world-leading Met Office predictions to the development of forecasts for upcoming rainy seasons in east Africa;
  • works to strengthen international collaboration in long-range forecasting;
  • is Chair of the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Expert Team on Long Range Forecasting;
  • leads the delivery of the DFID/Met Office Climate Science Research Partnership (CSRP), which focuses on improving predictions of climate variability and change in Africa;
  • conducts capacity building workshops for scientists and users addressing research into use of long-range forecasts in Africa;
  • initiated a programme of study grants for African graduate students.

Dr Graham joins Met Office colleagues Prof. Julia Slingo OBE and Prof. John Mitchell OBE as Officers of the Order of the British Empire.

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