Sunshine and showers for 'super' weekend

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03 Aug 2012 - With competition getting underway in the Olympic stadium today and a busy weekend of medal action across numerous outdoor events, many will be interested in what the weather has in store.

There are 25 medals up for grabs on so-called 'Super Saturday' and statistics over the last 30 years show this day, 4 August, has seen a wide variety of weather for London.

This includes a scorching 34 °C in 1990 to a rather cool 16 °C max temperature in 1974, to more than 14 hours of sunshine and no rain in 1998 to a decidedly wet 52.4 mm of rain in 1971.

Sunday will also be a big day for the Olympics, with the 100 m sprint final and many other medal events. Again, records going back 30 years show a mix of weather for 5 August.

2003 saw the highest temperature with 30.5 °C and 1973 the coolest, with 18.4 °C. The most rainfall came in 1981 with 22.3 mm of rain, and the sunniest day was in 1998, with 14.2 hours of sunshine and no rainfall at all.

But what will these two days bring in 2012 for all the weekend's events? With low pressure sitting out to the west of the UK, a weekend of sunshine and showers is expected with temperatures likely to be around average for the time of the year.

Saturday will see a mix of sunshine and showers, some rather heavy and prolonged with the risk of thunder, although the south east of England is likely to see the fewest showers. Sunday will be another showery day and again some will be heavy, rather slow moving and may bring the risk of thunder. However, in between the showers there are likely to be some bright or sunny spells - especially in the south east once again. Additionally, winds will be lighter than on recent days.

For the very latest outlook for Saturday and Sunday keep up to date with our London 2012 forecasts on our website, on iPhone and Android, and through our broadcast partners on the BBC and ITV.

Last updated: 12 February 2016

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