Wettest weather moves north

An aerial photo of flooded fields and railway line

26 November 2012 - As forecast, unsettled weather continues across the UK, with more heavy rain and strong winds expected to affect many areas at times over the next day or so.

The Met Office and the Environment Agency are warning the public to be prepared for possible travel disruption and flooding as some areas see up to 70 mm on top of the rain that has already fallen over the last few days.

Eddy Carroll, Met Office Chief Forecaster, said: "The heaviest and most persistent rain on Monday is expected to be over parts of northern England and north Wales. Here we can expect between 50 and 70 mm of rain in places, continuing the risk of further flooding and travel disruption..

"We urge everyone to keep up to date with forecasts and warnings and be prepared for what the weather will bring."

Paul Mustow, Head of Flood Incident Management, said: "Flooding has a devastating impact on peoples' lives and our thoughts are with those that have been affected overnight and in the last few days. 

"Our teams are continuing to work around the clock with local emergency services to keep communities safe and to ensure that flood defences operate effectively in what are very challenging circumstances.

"We are expecting more flooding today, and we would urge people especially in south west, central, northern England and Wales to use the daylight hours to prepare.

"People should sign up for free flood warnings, keep up to date with the latest situation, and stay away from dangerous flood water."

Looking a little further ahead, the weather is expected to become drier and colder in most areas by the middle of the week. However, overnight frost may then bring the risk of some icy roads after the recent rain. Most parts will be dry, but eastern coastal counties will continue to see some showers, which will be of sleet or snow over the hills.

Last updated: 12 February 2016

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