Getting ready for winter

Winter ready

22 October 2012 - With the Met Office forecasting colder weather to push across parts of the UK at the end of the week, the UK Government has launched a timely reminder of the simple steps that can be taken to keep warm, healthy and safe this winter.

The Met Office is hosting the 'Get Ready for Winter' web pages on behalf of HM Government. The pages offer advice and links to a range of organisations to help individuals, families and communities prepare for winter.

Chloe Smith, Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform at the Cabinet Office, said: "With the clocks going back next week, the Get Ready for Winter initiative is a timely reminder of the simple steps that you can take to keep yourself and your  family warm, healthy and safe.  By giving some simple messages and practical advice for individuals, families and communities, the web pages encourage the public to think about what preparations they may need to make ahead of winter.

"This year's initiative highlights the wide range of advice and tips available from Government Departments and our partners in the voluntary sector.  This covers a range of seasonal weather related topics, including flooding as well as snow and ice, and money saving tips and help for the elderly and vulnerable."

The Met Office works closely with government departments and contingency planners throughout the year to make sure they have the best advice available to help them prepare for and deal with the impacts that our weather can bring.

The Scottish Government's  'Get Ready for Winter' campaign also aims to raise awareness of the risks that winter can bring and how people and their communities can be more prepared during severe weather.

So how can you be more prepared for severe weather?

  • Be aware of the latest weather forecasts and warnings from the Met Office.
  • Be prepared to alter your plans in times of severe weather.
  • Be ready to take action if required to do so.

Last updated: 12 February 2016

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