Pollen forecasts from the Met Office

24 April 2013 - Following the cold weather in March and early April, the pollen season has now begun with tree pollen set to last until the middle of May.

The pollen forecast, sponsored by Benadryl®, uses our latest weather forecast information and combines this with pollen readings from across the UK. There are millions of hay fever sufferers across the UK, and the Met Office forecasts provide vital information to help reduce the impact pollen has on their health.

Yolanda Clewlow, Health Development Manager at the Met Office, said: "The UK typically sees variable weather conditions and that means that levels of pollen often vary greatly from day to day. It's therefore really important that hay fever sufferers stay up to date with the latest forecast."

Throughout the season, Met Office forecasters will be working closely with the University of Worcester and Pollen UK to provide the most accurate pollen forecasts for the UK.

Met Office pollen forecast
Pollen forecasts are available on the Met Office website for the millions of sufferers of hay fever across the UK. Yolanda Clewlow, UK Pollen Network Manager, explains how we produce our forecasts and how it can help sufferers.

Last updated: 12 February 2016

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