Online and Mobile Updates - You Talked, We Listened

11 April 2014 - Following extensive conversations with the public, online users and responders, the Met Office has updated and improved its online forecast services for both desktop computers and mobile devices.

As well as the website getting a modern makeover, the new improvements bring a number of changes providing an improved experience for Met Office content and forecasts online.

  • Hourly forecasts - The Met Office now provides hourly forecasts for the first two days of the forecasting period. Days three - five have forecasts provided for every three-hour period. This new service means that you can be even better informed than ever before when planning your day.
  • Additional forecast locations - We have increased the number of forecast locations to approximately 7,000, meaning you can check out the local weather nearest to you.
  • International Locations - You will now be able to search for a five-day weather forecast for international locations on both the mobile and desktop site. You'll be able to use this service to better plan for holidays and international travel.
  • Mobile App Warning Push Notifications - Users now have the option to receive severe weather warning push notifications on their phone every time the Met Office issues a weather warning in your chosen area. This will alert users to warnings more quickly meaning people can factor them into their plans to stay safe.

Derrick Ryall, Head of the Public Weather Service for the Met Office, said: "Accurate, consistent and localised forecasts available from all devices - these were the priorities highlighted when we asked what improvements users of our Public Weather Service wanted to see during the year and we listened.

"As a result of the feedback users gave us we have taken steps to make accessing warnings and forecasts from the Met Office easier than ever before. With the new range of improvements to our mobile app, mobile website and main website during the year, users will be able to access up to the minute information that will help to keep them safe and prepared whether at home or out and about."

Last updated: 14 April 2014

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