News release archives — 2015

Title Date of issue
Records smashed during mild, wet December 31 December 2015
Storm Frank brings wet and windy weather 30 December 2015
Storm Frank to bring another spell of wet and windy weather 28 December 2015
Stormy weather to continue this week 27 December 2015
Red warning is issued for rain 26 December 2015
Weather for the Christmas period 22 December 2015
2016 global mean temperature forecast 17 December 2015
Can we rely on the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere to combat climate change? 7 December 2015
Storm Desmond brings a red warning for rain over Cumbria and the Scottish Borders 5 December 2015
Windy weekend in store as Storm Desmond brings gales to the UK 4 December 2015
Warm and dull November 2 December 2015
Met Office triumphs in UK IT Industry Awards 2015 1 December 2015
Find out how climate action could shape future vulnerability to food insecurity 1 December 2015
UK rainfall of the future 30 November 2015
COP21 30 November 2015
Unsettled week expected as Storm Barney brings gales to southern Britain 16 November 2015
Tropical air brings rain to the UK 13 November 2015
New European hazard maps for insurance industry 10 November 2015
Met Office Chief Scientist appointed to the European Commission Scientific Advice Group 10 November 2015
Met Office officially names Abigail as first storm 10 November 2015
Global temperatures set to reach 1 °C marker for first time 6 November 2015
Met Office encourages next generation scientists by trialling weather observation equipment in schools 6 November 2015
Hot spring temperatures more likely in North China 5 November 2015
Studying the causes of extreme weather in 2014 5 November 2015
Met Office wins top Customer Service Awards 4 November 2015
50th anniversary of Numerical Weather Prediction 2 November 2015
Met Office leads multi-million pound research into Africa's changing climate 29 October 2015
Get Ready for Winter - whatever the weather 26 October 2015
Name our storms - update 20 October 2015
Weather impact on the retail industry 12 October 2015
Remnants of ex-Hurricane Joaquin to have little impact on the UK 7 October 2015
Possible impacts of ex-Hurricane Joaquin in the UK 5 October 2015
The next five years of ground breaking science for the Met Office 1 October 2015
New pictures wanted for the International Cloud Atlas 28 September 2015
Met Office calls for industry collaboration to minimise impact of complex wind shear on renewable energy production 18 September 2015
New forecasts for retailers and suppliers 17 September 2015
Arctic sea ice minimum for 2015 16 September 2015
Big changes underway in the climate system? 14 September 2015
Name our storms 8 September 2015
Summer ends with a cool, wet August 2 September 2015
Cool, wet August ends mixed summer 28 August 2015
Mix of sunshine and showers for the Bank Holiday weekend 27 August 2015
Sunshine for many by Bank Holiday Monday 25 August 2015
Typhoon Goni set for landfall over Japan 24 August 2015
Summers mixed weather continues 22 August 2015
Nine out of ten parents think children should understand the weather 14 August 2015
How much rain fell this morning? 14 August 2015
Further torrential downpours expected 13 August 2015
Summer downpours on the way 12 August 2015
New weather satellite goes into orbit 22 July 2015
The Met Office helps improve the efficiency of offshore wind farms 3 July 2015
Contributing to 'Our Common Future' 8 July 2015
New research sheds light on future seasonal extremes 8 July 2015
Record breaking July weather 2 July 2015
Hot week for the UK 29 June 2015
Scientists show a decline in solar activity could not halt global warming 23 June 2015
Wellies or flip flops for Glastonbury? 22 June 2015
Met Office helps protect lives at sea 15 June 2015
Met Office and World Bank help developing countries address climate change 11 June 2015
UK and US join forces to boost natural disaster warning systems 9 June 2015
New UK LiDAR network to detect volcanic ash 1 June 2015
Awards for Met Office staff at the Royal Meteorological Society ceremony 26 May 2015
Met Office Hadley Centre marks 25th anniversary 22 May 2015
Bank holiday weather 20 May 2015
Met Office Chief Scientist elected as a Royal Society Fellow 12 May 2015
Children take over the Met Office 11 May 2015
April 2015, the sunniest on record 5 May 2015
London Marathon Forecast 24 April 2015
A change in the weather, with more unsettled conditions this weekend. 22 April 2015
Quiet weather for the Easter Weekend 2 April 2015
Met Office celebrates ground-breaking science 16 March 2015
Launch of unique bespoke weather reports for the construction industry 11 March 2015
UK very likely to have its sunniest winter on record 27 February 2015
Met Office and Asian Development Bank address climate resilience 17 February 2015
Renewable wind energy industry set to benefit from increased forecasting accuracy 11 February 2015
Met Office to showcase latest product advances and industry expertise at the Energy Now Expo 9 February 2015
Met Office College Offers Expert Training to the Water Industry 3 February 2015
Space weather project 'FLARECAST' launched 29 January 2015
2014 one of the warmest years on record globally 26 January 2015
Met Office to showcase its water industry expertise 22 January 2015
Strong winds before UK weather turns colder 12 January 2015
Strong winds and a spell of cold weather for northern UK 8 January 2015
Met Office to showcase its history in marine forecasting at London Boat Show 8 January 2015
Two Atlantic storms to bring strong winds to northern UK 6 January 2015
2014 confirmed as UK's warmest year on record 5 January 2015

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