Climate data

These pages are a source of information for those interested in the climate of the UK. UK Climate pages are updated each month to reflect the latest month's weather across the UK.

Change location

To change the climate site, enter a location name or the first half of a UK postcode into the search box. You can also search for world forecast locations by entering a location or world post/zip code. Select the appropriate location and your choice of location from the list provided before clicking on the 'OK' button. Click on the star to add your chosen forecast to your favourite locations. You can save up to five locations as favourites. Favourite locations can be found by clicking in the search box.

For web browsers that have geolocation capabilities, you can also use the 'find my location' button to automatically find your location.

You can move between the weather forecast, nearest observation site and the climate for the location by clicking on the arrow next to the forecast location name and select either forecast, observations or climate.

Long term averages

The Met Office maintains long-term averages of the UK climate, based on standard 30-year periods, following World Meteorological Organization (WMO) recommendations. Long-term averages for the latest 30-year period (1981-2010) have been produced as an update to the existing 1971-2000 and 1961-1990 averages.

UK climate averages for 1981-2010 - summary of key features

Averages table

The averages table shows the latest set of 30-year averages, covering the period 1981-2010, for the nearest / most similar climate station to your chosen location. The other tabs show averages tables for districts, regions and the UK, covering the periods 1961-1990, 1971-2000 and 1981-2010.

Averages graphs

The graph provides an alternative representation of the average data for your chosen location. By moving your mouse cursor over the graph you can see the average figures for your chosen climate variable for each month.

Location comparison

The comparison graphs enable you to compare the averages for two chosen locations. For example, you can see if one location is, on average, significantly warmer, drier, or sunnier than the other.

Climate station map

The climate station map shows around 300 stations across the UK for which 1981-2010 averages are available. By clicking on one of the sites you will be taken to the table of available data.

Averages maps

These maps enable you to view maps of monthly, seasonal and annual averages for the UK or your selected region. The analyses are based on 1 km grid-point data sets which are derived from station data. UK maps are available for the averaging periods 1961-1990, 1971-2000 and 1981-2010. Regional maps are only available for the period 1971-2000.