Science Partnerships scientists

  • Jon Petch

    Jon is Head of Met Office Science Partnerships

  • George Pankiewicz

    George leads the management of collaboration with the Unified Model

  • Keir Bovis

    Unified Model (UM) Partner Technical Infrastructure Development Programme Manager

  • Douglas Boyd

    Douglas supports technical and scientific collaboration with the Unified Model.

  • Bjoern Fock

    Bjoern collaborates with our partners on developing and deploying the Met Office Unified Model.

  • Jemma Gornall

    Jemma manages the Joint Weather and Climate Research Programme - a partnership between the Met Office and NERC

  • Amanda Lindsay

    Amanda supports external collaborations with users of the Met Office Unified Model.

  • Charline Marzin

    Charline supports collaborations with external users of the Met Office Unified Model

Last updated: 9 April 2015