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Benjamin Evans

Benjamin works to improve road, rail and runway forecasting.

Benjamin works to improve the Met Office's capabilities in road, rail and runway weather forecasting.

Current activities

Benjamin is currently in the Post processing applications group within Applied weather science. The main focus of his work is to improve meteorological products and data available to the transport industry in order to enhance safety, efficiency and economic benefits.

Benjamin's research is currently focused on improving the skill of forecasts to the transport industry through the use of multiple Met Office Numerical Weather Prediction models. In the past he has done a significant amount of work on statistical correction schemes to improve forecast accuracy.

Benjamin has significant expertise in numerical modelling, regularly using the Met Office Road/Rail/Runway Surface Temperature model (MORST)

Career background

Benjamin joined the Met Office in 2008 as a research scientist in the Post-Processing group where he began work on route based forecasting for the transport industry. Benjamin then joined the newly created Post processing applications group in 2010 working, on statistical correction schemes. Prior to joining the Met Office, Benjamin completed a BSc (Hons) degree in Physics at the University of Exeter.

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