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Dr Cristina Charlton-Perez

Cristina Charlton-Perez

Cristina works on high-resolution data assimilation with a specific focus on the potential for assimilation of ceilometer backscatter profiles. She works in the Data Assimilation @ Reading Group based at MetOffice@Reading Unit at the Department of Meteorology, University of Reading

Current activities

Cristina is a senior scientist working on high-resolution data assimilation and nowcasting in order to improve the Unified Model's ability to simulate weather phenomena on fine spatial scales, currently on a 1.5 km scale.  She is investigating the potential benefits of using ceilometer backscatter observations as a new observation in the DA system.  She is collaborating on a project to include radar reflectivity in the DA system. Her work contributes to her team's focus on shaping the future of the Met Office Nowcasting system and other convection-permitting, high resolution numerical weather prediction models.

Cristina is part of the Weather science Data Assimilation and Ensembles group at the Met Office. Cristina also works to improve the representation of cloud microphysics in the perturbation forecast model. This model is an essential part of the Met Office's DA system. If this model can simulate the cloud microphysics better, then its simulation of precipitation could be improved as well and the DA system could then make better use of observations of cloud and precipitation. Atmospheric backscatter and radar reflectivity are observations which could aid forecasting of cloud and precipitation at convective scales.

Cristina works in the Data Assimilation @ Reading Group based at MetOffice@Reading Unit at the Department of Meteorology, University of Reading. She aims to collaborate with Met Office colleagues based in Exeter and University of Reading colleagues on many aspects of her work. She attends meetings of the Microphysics Working Group in Exeter and the High Resolution Atmospheric Assimilation Group in Reading.

Career background

Cristina has been a member of the MetOffice@Reading since starting at the Met Office in 2008. Prior to joining the Met Office, Cristina worked as post-doctoral research scientist first at Columbia University in New York and then jointly at the University of Leeds and UCL. In her past work she designed and built a high-resolution model of ship plume chemistry and dynamics and worked on problems in tropical convection. She earned both an MSc and a PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Colorado. Her thesis topic was on the simulation of interannual variability and intraseasonal variability in the tropical Pacific atmosphere and ocean with a focus on Tropical Pacific (Niño region) sea-surface temperature forecastsSouthern Oscillation (ENSO).

At the Met Office, Cristina has worked on developing code to incorporate radar reflectivity observations in data assimilation in the highest resolution versions of the Unified Model. Cristina is also interested in creating an improved treatment of cloud microphysics in the Perturbation Forecast model within the Unified Model. Currently, Cristina is working on creating a forward model for atmospheric backscatter and a real-time monitoring system for this observation type.

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