David Moore

David Moore works with instrument evaluation, development and suitability for deployment in the surface network. He also manages the measurement of stratospheric ozone at Lerwick by means of Dobson Spectrophotometers and ozonesondes.

Areas of expertise:

  • Instrument design and construction
  • Instrument site layouts
  • Managing observatory including meteorological observing
  • Instrument field trials

Current activities

Acceptance testing of present weather instruments and ceilometers.

Temperature monitoring techniques.

Humidity trials.

Career background

Nine years in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics laboratory. Numerical model programming, apparatus design and construction, experimentation and data analysis.

Five months at Porton Down electronics design and construction.

Five years at Met Office experimental site managing a Boundary Layer Laboratory, designing instrumentation and construction, electronic circuit design and construction, interfacing with instrumentation. Design and construction of aspirated air temperature thermometer subsequently patented and made under license by external company.

Eight years as superintendent Eskdalemuir Observatory. Since 1994 working with Dobson, Brewer Spectrophotometers, ozonesondes, various surface instrumentation including solar radiation instruments. Currently working on instrument development.

Last updated: 8 April 2014