Dr Ed Blockley

Ed is part of the Ocean Forecasting Development Team which is responsible for the assessment of ocean forecast accuracy and the transition of model improvements into the operational ocean forecast systems.

Current activities

Ed is part of the Ocean Forecasting Development Team. The team is responsible for the following:

  • Assessing the accuracy of the Met Office's ocean forecasts.

  • Developing assessment methods and metrics for ocean forecasts.

  • Performing trials of model changes and assessing impact on product accuracy.

  • Preparing changes to the operational ocean forecast systems.

Within the team Ed is responsible for:

  • Monitoring the FOAM operational ocean models.

  • Ownership of the FOAM operational configurations.

  • Current validation.

  • Sea-ice validation.

Ed is also involved in the pan-European  MyOcean project where he leads the Monitoring and Forecasting Centre for the European Northwest Shelf Regional Seas and is Service Manager for all the Met Office products.

Career background

Ed has been a member of Ocean Forecasting Research and Development since joining the Met Office in February 2008. Starting out in the Marine Dynamics Group Ed was part of the FOAM-NEMO transition project, responsible for developing and assessing the new FOAM-NEMO ocean models. In February 2010 Ed joined the newly formed Ocean Assessment and Transitions Team which, in 2012, was divided in two to form the Ocean Forecasting Development and Ocean Forecasting Verification teams.

Before starting at the Met Office Ed read mathematics at the University of Exeter where he obtained a MMath and a PhD in applied mathematics specialising in fluid dynamics and nonlinear phenomena.

Last updated: 21 January 2015


Ed Blockley

Ed works on developing and validating ocean models.

Areas of expertise:

  •  Deep ocean and sea-ice modelling.
  •  NEMO model.
  •  Ocean forecast validation.
  •  Scientific software development.
  •  Operational transitions.

Publications by Ed 

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