Dr Huw Lewis

Huw manages the work to promote, plan, accelerate and pull through to operation of environmental prediction capabilities.

Current activities

Huw is currently manager of the Environmental Prediction Development Team, leading the work required to promote, plan, accelerate and pull through to operational use the Met Office's regional environmental prediction capabilities.

Huw was previously a scientist working with observations derived from the GPS radio occultation technique. Measurements are made of a time delay of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) radio signals by receivers on-board polar-orbiting satellites as they are refracted by Earth's atmosphere. The measured time delay is converted to a bending angle of the signal path, which can be related to profiles of the temperature, pressure and water content of the atmosphere.

Huw's work focused on collaborating with other scientists as part of the  GRAS SAF project team. The project is funded by EUMETSAT to ensure the best possible use of data from the GRAS instrument on the MetOp satellite and from other radio occultation missions. As part of this work, Huw developed the ROPP software. The package includes algorithms for users to process radio occultation measurements to bending angle and refractivity and tools for assimilating these data in numerical weather prediction models.

To improve the use of radio occultation observations for weather prediction and climate monitoring, Huw undertakes research to investigate potential applications of the data. Work to date includes analysis of the tropopause and boundary layer regions. The all-weather capability, global coverage and high vertical resolution provided by GPS radio occultation observations offers a unique global perspective of the atmosphere.

Career background

Huw joined the Met Office in 2006. His first position was working in the Radar Products team, primarily focused on improving the quantitative accuracy of radar precipitation observations.

Huw completed a PhD at the University of Leeds, investigating the dynamics of boundary layer flows over steep terrain. As part of his PhD work, Huw took part in a field campaign measuring wind and turbulence over a steep ridge in the Swiss Alps. As an undergraduate, Huw studied Physics with Meteorology at the University of Edinburgh.

Between 2010 and 2013, Huw held the post of Private Secretary to the Chief Scientist, working in support of Prof. Julia Slingo.

Last updated: 8 April 2014

About Huw Lewis

Dr Huw Lewis

Huw is Manager of the Environmental Prediction Development Team

Areas of expertise:

  • GPS radio occultation observation processing.

  • Assimilation of GPS radio occultation data.

  • Application of radio occultation for climate monitoring.

  • Radar meteorology.

  • Boundary-layer meteorology. 

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