James Cotton

James is a research scientist working on scatterometer winds and Atmospheric Motion Vectors.

Current activities

James' research aims to enhance the use of satellite-derived wind data in the weather forecasting process. Ocean surface winds from scatterometers such as ASCAT on-board the Metop series of satellites are one particular area of research. James also works on the assimilation of AMVs which are wind observations derived by tracking tracers (clouds or areas of water vapour) through successive satellite images.

James is responsible for developing and maintaining the  scatterometer and  AMV monitoring reports for the NWP SAF.

Career background

James joined the Met Office in 2008 after graduating with a BSc(Hons) in Mathematics from the University of Exeter.

Last updated: 8 April 2014

About James Cotton

James Cotton

James works in Satellite Applications

Areas of expertise:

  • Scatterometer ocean surface wind vectors.

  • Satellite-derived atmospheric motion vectors (AMVs).

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