Dr Jane Mulcahy

Jane works on the Operational Global Model Configuration of the Unified Model with a particular interest in evaluating the impact of atmospheric aerosol particles on model performance.

Current activities

Jane is a research scientist working on the Operational Global Configuration of the Unified Model. Her work involves testing the impacts of scientific changes on the global model forecast, diagnosing forecast errors and identifying areas of future development. Currently her work focuses on testing the impacts of different atmospheric aerosol configurations on the global NWP forecast. This includes running a large number of experiments in the form of forecast trials, verifying the forecast meteorological and aerosol fields using a wide range of observational and satellite data and evaluating the impacts of her experiments on the global forecast in terms of effects on radiation fields, atmospheric heating profiles and global circulation patterns.

A key component of Jane's work is focused on the MACC project, which is part of the European funded initiative GMES. MACC aims to further develop our understanding of the physical and chemical composition of the atmosphere and establish routine monitoring systems for climate, air quality, surface solar radiation, and ozone monitoring purposes. As part of this Jane will further extend her current aerosol work to include looking at, for example, the benefits of initialising aerosols in NWP forecasts using MACC assimlation products, which are being developed by MACC partners at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.

Career background

Jane has been working in the Forecast Model Development and Diagnostics team since joining the Met Office in 2008. Prior to this, Jane completed her PhD in atmospheric physics at the School of Physics in the National University of Ireland, Galway, where she also received her undergraduate degree.

Jane's research interests stem from her PhD studies in the area of marine aerosol optical properties and the contribution of primary sea spray aerosol to the aerosol-climate effect. Her PhD work involved using both ground-based observations and satellite remote sensing techniques to retrieve aerosol optical parameters. Her work in the Forecast Model Development and Diagnostics team applies her background and knowledge in atmospheric aerosols to develop further understanding of the potentially important role of aerosol particles for improved accuracy in numerical weather prediction models.

Last updated: 4 August 2014

About Jane Mulcahy

Dr Jane Mulcahy

Jane looks at the effects atmospheric aerosol particles in models.

Areas of expertise

  • Atmospheric Aerosols.
  • Aerosol Impacts on Weather and Climate.
  • Atmospheric Radiation.
  • Technical Aspects of running the Unified Model.

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