Kirsty Lewis

Kirsty leads the development and delivery of advice on the impacts of climate change to government, particularly in relation to defence and security.

Areas of expertise

  • Security and climate change.

  • Meteorology and forecasting.

  • Policy-relevant interpretation and communication of weather and climate science.

Current activities

As Principal Climate Change Consultant, Kirsty is responsible for providing climate advice and research support to government, primarily in the areas of defence and security. This involves expert analysis and interpretation of climate projections. It requires a broad overview of all areas of climate science and good links with research scientists, as well as an ability to communicate effectively across disciplines.

Kirsty's recent projects have included leading on the production of a 4 degree map outlining some of the human impacts of a global average temperature rise of 4 oC and a scoping study on the vulnerability of global energy infrastructure to climate change.

Career background

Kirsty first joined the Met Office as a forecaster, specialising in aviation meteorology and travelled extensively in this role. This background in hands-on meteorology enabled Kirsty to gain extensive experience of the impact of weather and climate on operational activities. This experience has been invaluable in understanding the context of modelled atmospheric processes on the real world, and how meteorological advice, uncertainty and risk all affect decision making. After a number of years forecasting Kirsty moved to the Met Office Hadley Centre in 2007.

Before joining the Met Office, Kirsty obtained an MSc in Weather, Climate and Modelling at Reading University in 2001, after studying Physics at Imperial College, London as an undergraduate.

Last updated: 9 April 2014