Dr Laura Burgin

Laura researches the effects of weather and climate on the spread of biological material and other pollutants in the atmosphere.

Current activities

One main focus of Laura's work is a Defra  funded collaborative project with the Pirbright Institute to improve predictions of spread of animal diseases such as bluetongue, Schmallenberg and foot-and-mouth using the Met Office's Numerical Atmospheric-dispersion Modelling Environment (NAME).

Laura also works on a second collaborative project with the Hazard Research Unit within Meteorological Service Singapore using NAME to provide a forecast of transboundary haze for Singapore.

As part of the Atmospheric Dispersion and Air Quality Group, Laura helps maintain the capability of the Met Office to provide scientific support to the UK government, its agencies and other academic institutes during emergency situations such as animal and plant disease outbreaks, volcanic eruptions, nuclear incidents and large fires. 

Career background

Laura recently undertook a six month sabbatical in the Climate Impacts Modelling group looking at changes to ecosystems and fire risk using the HadCM3C Earth System Ensemble.

While working at the Met Office, Laura completed a PhD in 2011 with the  School of Geography at the University of Exeter on the impacts of weather and climate change on the spread of bluetongue into the UK.

Prior to joining the Met Office in 2006, Laura completed a BSc in Geophysics at the University of Edinburgh and an MSc in Applied Meteorology at the University of Reading.

Last updated: 21 July 2014


Laura Burgin

Laura researches the spread of biological material in the atmosphere

Laura's areas of expertise include:

  • the impacts of weather and climate on the spread of animal diseases such as bluetongue and foot-and-mouth
  • atmospheric dispersion of biological material such as Legionella bacteria, Chalara fraxinea fungi and moth crop pests
  • the effects of climate change on the risk of wildfires and dispersion of emissions resulting from wildfires
  • dispersion for other emergency response applications

My Publications, Burgin L

Email laura.burgin@metoffice.gov.uk

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