Martin Best

Martin manages the research undertaken on land surface processes

Current activities

Martin is a research manager leading the group working on land surface processes, based at CEH in Wallingford. His responsibilities include the management of the climate research side of the JCHMR.

Martin leads the Met Office contribution to the EU FP6 programme WATCH, which aims to understand changes in the terrestrial water cycle throughout the 20th century and investigate the vulnerability of future global water resources.

Martin also leads the development of Joint UK Land Environment Simulator model, a community land surface model. JULES provides a modelling capability for the UK research community for land surface research, while remaining intimately linked to the Met Office forecasting and climate models. This enables the community to contribute towards improved weather forecasting and climate change predictions.

His other activities include contributing towards the analysis of results from the first urban model comparison project. This aims to improve our understanding of the important physical processes within urban environments and improve the way in which we represent them.

Career background

Martin joined the Met Office in 1992 after completing a BSc in Mathematics at the University of Nottingham. After spending a year working on atmospheric dispersion, he has worked on the development of the land surface for a wide range of applications, ranging from the prediction of pipe bursts in the soil through to climate change predictions.

He contributed to setting up the climate side of JCHMR in 2002 and took over the management of the land surface processes group in 2004. In between he spent six months in the commercial side of the Met Office working on business development in the energy sector.

Martin completed an MSc at the department of Meteorology at the University of Reading as part of his training within the Met Office.

External recognition

  • Martin is currently co-chair of GLASS, which forms part of GEWEX.

  • Martin is also a member of the BUE, the AMS board for urban meteorology.

Last updated: 9 April 2014

About Martin Best

Martin Best

Martin manages the research undertaken on land surface processes

Areas of expertise:

  • land surface;
  • surface/ atmosphere coupling;
  • JULES;
  • urban meteorology.