Dr Mary Forsythe

Mary works on satellite-derived atmospheric motion vectors, aiming to improve their impact in forecast models.

Current activities

Mary's work aims to enhance the use of AMV data in the weather forecasting process, through use of new datasets and improvements to quality control and assimilation in the Met Office Unified Model.

Mary's work involves collaborating with the international winds community to identify improvements to the AMV quality and usage, partly achieved through management of the NWP SAF AMV monitoring and co-chairing of the International Winds Working Group.

Career background

Mary has been working in the Met Office's Satellite Applications group since 2001, primarily carrying out research using AMV data.

Before joining the Met Office, Mary gained a PhD at the University of Cambridge, using satellite imagery, digital topography and field work to better understand the active tectonics of Greece. As an undergraduate Mary received a first class degree in Natural Sciences, also from the University of Cambridge.

External recognition

Since 2008, Mary has served as a co-chair of the International Winds Working Group.

Last updated: 8 April 2014

About Mary Forsythe

Dr Mary Forsythe

Mary works in Satellite Applications

Areas of expertise:

  • Satellite-derived atmospheric motion vectors (AMVs).

  • Other satellite-derived wind datasets.

  • Data assimilation. 

Publications by Mary