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Dr Niall Robinson

Niall assesses the physical processes that influence the Met Office decadal predictions of extreme weather events.

Areas of expertise

  • decadal climate prediction and variability
  • climate extremes
  • atmospheric aerosols

Publications by Niall

Current Activities

Niall is currently working on statistical techniques to improve the use of historical oceanic observations in initialisation of climate models. This would help to improve decadal climate predictions by allowing for a more accurate initial model state. In addition, he is working with the Met Office Met Office decadal prediction system: DePreSys system, investigating under what physical circumstances the model makes good or bad predictions.

Career background

Niall joined the Met Office Hadley Centre in 2012. Prior to that he completed his PhD in atmospheric aerosol composition at the University of Manchester Centre for Atmospheric Science. For histhesis. Niall researched the physical and chemical processes of atmospheric aerosol in the Borneo rainforest. This work shed light on the effect deforestation has on regional atmospheric aerosol, and therefore on climate forcing. He also worked at Manchester as a post-doctoral research associate studying techniques for measuring bio-aerosols such as bacteria and pollen, and their effect on the hydrological cycle.

In addition, Niall is an active STEM ambassador, getting involved in everything from teaching the physics of sky diving in a simulator, to working on the Met Office Science Camp.

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